How Do I Import Excellence Alliance Data?


Excellence Alliance provides flat rate price books to your technicians to help keep your invoices and sales consistent.  Here, we'll show you how you can import those rates - and items - into your ESC database.  

Note: You must have Excel installed on your computer to modify the raw data exported from Excellence Alliance.

Export Files from Excellence Alliance

Jamie Brown from Excellence Alliance offers these directions on how to export the files needed for this import.

  1. Open the Excellence Alliance database.
  2. Click on the Books tab and click Export ESC1. Click Yes if prompted to replace the existing file.
  3. Click Export ESC2. Click Yes if prompted to replace the existing file.
  4. Close the Excellence Alliance database and navigate to your Documents folder where those files you just exported were saved.
  5. Double click ESC1.xls to open it in Excel.
  6. Select columns C - T.
  7. On the Home ribbon, expand the Number section by clicking the icon in the bottom right-hand corner of that section. Change the Category on the left to Number and make sure the Use 1000 Separator box in NOT checked. Click OK to apply those changes.
  8. Click File → Save As. Click in the Save as type field at the bottom of the screen and change the value to Text (Tab delimited) (*.txt), then click Save. Say yes when prompted to keep the workbook in this format. Exit Excel. Click Don't Save when prompted.
  9. Repeat same process with the ESC2.xls file except only select column D.

Import Files into ESC

  1. Make a backup of your ESC database.
  2. Download the ESC Import Utility attached at the bottom of this article.
  3. Run the program you just downloaded.
  4. Enter the information needed to logon to your ESC database. These settings can be found in ESC by selecting Help → About.
  5. Select the folder that contains the ESC1.txt & ESC2.txt files and click Start.
  6. Be patient, this import can take up to 10 minutes depending on the speed of your server and the amount of data you are importing.


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