How To File W2s Electronically


Submitting your W2's and W3 electronically can be a huge time-saver for you and take a lot of weight off of your shoulders when it comes to your year-end processes and tax preparation.  So let us show you how easy this can be.

  1. Start by going to Business Services Online to get your ID number, which you'll need to transmit your W2s to the Social Security Administration.
  2. Once that's done, open ESC and go to Employees → Submit Electronic W2 Forms.
  3. Enter the Tax Year and click Next.
  4. A few of the fields will populate automatically from the information in the Company → System Setup screen. You'll need to edit or complete the rest of the information manually. Fields indicated with the red asterisks are required by the Social Security Administration.
  5. Once you have finished, click Next.
  6. Except under special circumstances and under the guidance of your accountant, the following page should be left alone, click Next.
  7. The next screen allows you to preview your information before the W2 file is created. The box to the left of the employee name allows you to exclude them from the file by removing the checkmark. This would normally be used if sending a corrected form. A checkmark to the right of their name indicates that they had 3rd Party Sick Pay included on their W2. By clicking on the Details button below their name you can view their wage and tax information (boxes 1 through 6 on the W2.)
  8. When Finish is clicked, the next screen will ask where you want the W2.txt file saved. Select the appropriate path and then click Save.

Click here and select Download AccuWage-20__ Tax Year to download AccuWage from the Social Security website to test your W2 file for any errors before transmitting.

If the AccuWage program detects any issues, you'll need to correct them and then retest your W2s.  If no errors are returned, you're ready to transmit the tested W2.txt file to the Social Security Administration using the Business Services Online website.

This year they have also added an Upload to BSO button within the AccuWage program that will take you to the website.

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