Why Doesn't My Dispatch Board Show All Dispatches?


The Electronic Dispatch Board is extremely useful for tracking and scheduling your dispatches and appointments.  It's also easy to customize to your needs: your dispatches can be color-coded, sorted by date, arranged by tech or by day and even hidden or displayed based on the type of dispatch it is.  But these features also make it easy to hide dispatches, which isn't always intentional.  

So if your board is hiding dispatches that it should be showing, here's a few things to check...

  1. Are you on the correct board?  ESC allows you to create multiple dispatch boards to suit your needs.  You can select the Board you're viewing from the EDB toolbar.  You may also select whether you are viewing your Active dispatches or your dispatch History.

  2. If you're sure you're on the right board, you may want to check the criteria set for that board.  You can do this by opening the Activities menu and selecting Options.  You'll see your dispatch board highlighted on the left and the settings for that board on the right.  If Zone, Priority or Type are filled in, then only a dispatch that matches that criteria will show on this board.  Any dispatch that does not match the selected Zone, Priority or Type will not show on this board.  An easy fix for this would be to clear the field(s) that may be excluding your dispatches.  

  3. While you're in that Options screen, you may also want to view the Date Mode set for this board.  If the Date Mode is set to Current Only, then only dispatches matching the current system date will be displayed.  If you're set to Current Only and you're seeing only dispatches for a previous date, then you may need to log out of ESC and log back in to update the current date.  The Current and Previous setting will show dispatches set for today and older; this ensures you won't miss any unfinished jobs from prior days.  Only the All Dispatches option will show all dispatches from past, present and future dates.

  4. If the dispatch that is missing is assigned to a technician that is not showing on the current dispatch board, you'll need to either change to a different board that does show that technician or add that technician to the current board.  This can be done by going to Dispatch → Setup Dispatch Boards and double-clicking on the name of the board you wish to edit.
  5. Is the dispatch more than 7 days old or scheduled for more than 7 days ahead of today?  If so, you may be viewing the EDB in Week view, which will only show dispatches that fall within 7 days - ahead and behind - of the current date.

Dispatch still not showing on the board?  It's time to dig a little deeper.  Open the dispatch in question.

  • Was the dispatch deleted by accident?
  • Has it been marked Complete?  A completed dispatch will not show on an Active dispatch board and can be located in the Dispatch List instead.
  • Was the dispatch created for the wrong customer?
  • Is the dispatch scheduled for the correct technician and date?

When all else fails - ask the experts in our Support team for assistance. We're always glad to help!

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