QuickBooks Integration: Setup QuickBooks


Before you will be able to integrate ESC with QuickBooks, there are just a couple of adjustments or additions you'll need to make to your QuickBooks database.

Create a User

Before you begin the integration process, we recommend creating a Full Access user in QuickBooks called 'ESC'. This user will be used when the ESC Accounting Server logs into your accounting database. You can create this user in QuickBooks by going to Company → Users → Setup Users and Roles. Be sure to name this user "ESC" and give it a password that you can remember. As for security settings, the ESC user will require "Full Access".

If you meet all of the above requirements, you are ready to begin your integration. You may perform the integration while other users are logged in; they will not be disturbed in any way by this process.





Chart of Accounts


While most of the accounts used between ESC and QuickBooks can be matched or added however you like, there are three accounts that need to match exactly in order for the connection to function properly:  Accounts Receivable, Sales Tax Payable and Undeposited Funds.

  • The Accounts Receivable account is created the first time you open the Enter Invoices screen.  If the name (or spelling) of the account is changed at all, ESC will not be able to locate the account.  
  • The Sales Tax Payable account is created when Sales Tax is turned on in QuickBooks.  Even if you do not wish to charge sales tax on your invoices, this function must be turned on for the integration to work.  This can be accomplished by going to Edit → Preferences → Sales Tax → Company Preferences.  Set "Do you charge sales tax?" to "Yes".  You will need to select your primary Sales Tax Item in the field below, which should be a 0% rate if you do not wish to charge tax.  You do not need to update all customers with this rate.
  • The Undeposited Funds account is used as a holding account for all Accounts Receivable that have yet to be transferred into your banking accounts via deposit.  This account is added to your chart of accounts automatically the first time you open the Payments screen.

To check your Chart of Accounts, head to Lists → Chart of Accounts.  Here, you'll be able to make sure that the above accounts have been added, are spelled correctly and are active.  

Next Step: Install and Connect the ESC Accounting Server

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