QuickBooks Connection Wizard: Synchronize Employees


Synchronize Employees

The final step in the Connection Wizard will help you to synchronize your employees. Much like the previous screens in the QuickBooks Connection Wizard, this screen will also show you the information that needs to be matched in two separate columns.

You can add an employee from one program to another by highlighting that employee and clicking the Add selected... button at the bottom of the column. Or you can highlight identical employees in each column and hit the Match button in the middle to link them together.

Once all employees from one column have been matched, an Add All button will appear under the opposite column.  This button will allow you to add all remaining employees to the other program.

However, if you have no employees at all in ESC, you will instead be prompted to import them from QuickBooks. This can be achieved simply by clicking the Import Employees button.

Likewise, if you have no employees in ESC, an option to Export Employees will appear. By clicking the Export Employees button, you will be transferring all employees entered in QuickBooks into ESC. 

Once all employees have been synchronized, hit Next.

Congratulations! You have successfully completed the QuickBooks Integration. Electronic Service Control should now be configured to work properly with QuickBooks. To exit the wizard, press the Finish button.


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