Tech Reconciliation Report


The Tech Reconciliation report lists each technician along with the invoices that technician was assigned to.  The report indicates the sales amount of the invoice (less taxes) as well as the technician's portion, which is derived from the "% of Credit" field in the Edit Techs screen.  For example, if a $100 invoice is assigned to technician 0001 and technician 0002 (they both worked on the job) and each is given 50% credit for the invoice, then each technician will show $100 in the Invoice Amount column and $50 in the Tech Amount column (50% of the $100 invoice).  Whatever percentage of credit is given for the technician on the invoice will be multiplied by the invoice amount to determine the technician's portion.  This can be used to generate commissions, implement bonus programs, or indicate how many sales a given technician generates.

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