Service Account Ledger Report


The Service Account Ledger report details all of the accounting activity that has taken place in the ESC database. All invoices, inventory receipts, payments, inventory adjustments, and other activities that reference account numbers generate entries that can be seen in the Service Account Ledger report. This report is useful for checking the accounting activity that has taken place to ensure that the transactions are affecting the proper accounts. The report can be run in one of three forms: the Summary by Account, Detailed by Account and Detailed by Date.


The Service Account Ledger summary report lists all of the accounts and the debits and credits that have taken place in the time period searched for. In addition, it breaks accounts that have been departmentalized (in the Enter Chart of Accounts screen) into separate lines for each department.


The Detailed by Account report shows the accounts with each transaction that occurred in that account, along with the dollar amount, type (debit or credit), and source of the transaction. It is sorted by account, then by date.


The Detailed by Date report is identical to the Detailed by Account report except that it sorts by the date exclusively.

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