Sales Report


The Sales Report in ESC provides you with a listing of invoices within a certain period of time, along with the amount of the invoice, the tax amount, the cost, profit, and more. The Sales Report is the best way in the software to quickly and easily find the invoice that you are looking for, and the drill-down capability in the Sales Report allows you to pull up any invoice on the report simply by double-clicking on it.

The left side of the report shows the customer name and number and the invoice number and date, along with other information, as detailed below:

See the Reports and Custom Filters help screen for information about using custom report filters.

To the right of this section is the breakdown of the invoice, indicating the dollar amount generated by the different sales types (labor, material, other, contract, etc) as well as the tax and profit information.

Below the list of invoices is an area which shows all of the invoice and cost totals broken down by invoice form type, as well as the amount and type of payments made to the invoice types.

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