Quote List Report


The Quote List provides a list of all quotes that are in the software, and indicates what percentage of an individual quote has been billed using the progressive billing function. Double-click on any quote to bring it up in the Sales Invoicing screen.

You can sort this report by a variety of different ways and each way can drastically change the report’s output. For instance, if you just sort the report by the default option (Modified Date) it primarily sorts the quotes by the status and then sorts them by the modified date with the oldest on top. If you change the sort by to “Sales Person
Use this field in the Enter Customers screen to set a default sales person for a customer. This sales person will then automatically appear on all invoices for this customer by default.
and Modified Date” you get a lot of detailed information about the sales people such as the total number of quotes per sales person, average quote dollar amount per sales person and the percentage of quotes converted to an invoice. This allows you to quickly see exactly how your sales people are doing and keep up on their conversion ratios.

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