Caller ID Setup with the Whozz Calling Ethernet Box


In combination with specific services from your phone company and the appropriate hardware, ESC's Caller ID feature will enable you to instantly recall a customer's record on the Qualification screen before picking up the phone when the customer calls. A quick add feature allows rapid customer entry of phone numbers not found in the database. This is a great time saver and an easy way to increase your professional image.

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Before implementing Caller ID there are three main components you must have in place: Caller ID service from your phone company, a Whozz Calling Ethernet Box, and a license for the Caller ID service from dESCO.

Contact your salesperson at 800-226-7529 to obtain your license and discuss your hardware compatibility.

Whozz Calling Ethernet Box Setup

In this scenario, one computer must be selected to be the Caller ID server. This computer must be running Windows Vista or higher. It does not have to be the same computer that is acting as the ESC Server, although whichever computer you select must be on for the Caller ID features to work, so it is not a bad idea to make it the same computer your ESC database is on since that computer will be on during business hours anyway.

Once you have selected the computer you want to use as the Caller ID server you need to connect the multi-port Whozz Calling box to it using the supplied ethernet cable. After that has been completed, you will need to enlist the help of a local telecommunications company to run lines from your phone switch/punch-down to the Whozz Calling box (see the diagram below).

Full manuals detailing all aspects of the Whozz Calling hardware setup can be obtained from the website. Click here to go to the page where you can download their manuals.

Once your phone system is properly configured, you are ready to setup ESC to work it. These steps will need to be performed on any machine that will be using Caller ID. All configurations are company specific so if you have multiple companies setup in ESC go through these directions once for each company.

  1. Start the ESC Client and log in to the desired company using the ADMIN account. 
  2. Click Company → System Setup.
  3. Click the Caller ID tab.
  4. Place a checkmark in the "Enable Caller ID" checkbox.
  5. Set the Connection Type to "Whozz Calling".
  6. Enter "3520" in the UDP Client Port field. This is the default port for the Whozz Calling Ethernet box, but may have been changed by the user. If you are unsure which port your box may be connecting through, you download a test utility from the Whozz Calling website:
  7. Click Save

Be sure to complete these steps for all computers that will be utilizing the Caller ID feature.



There are three things that could cause issues with the Caller ID integration to not working properly:

Reason 1: Caller ID is not properly configured in ESC.
Resolution: Go into Company → System Setup → Caller ID and make sure the settings are correct. Use the utility to find the UDP client port, by default it is 3520.

Reason 2: A firewall is blocking connectivity between ESC and the Caller ID Whozz Calling box.
Resolution: Disable all firewalls on the client and server computers.

Reason 3: The DIP switches on the Whozz Calling box are incorrectly configured.
Resolution: Set DIP switches back to their default settings. These are pins 1, 7 & 8 up with all the others down.

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