How to Merge/Transfer a Customer Location


This process can not be undone. Make a backup first! 

Before We Begin

  • Make sure the Location has no Open Dispatches
  • Make sure the Location has no Unposted/Unpaid Invoices
  • If a Customer has more than one location, you will not be able to Merge/Transfer Location 1
  • Dispatches, Equipment, Agreements, Jobs and Service History will transfer
  • Sales and Quote Invoices will remain under the old location and will be set to read only
  • If the original Record has more than one location it will become Inactive, if the original Record is only a single Location it will fully merge into the new record

See It Done


1. In ESC, head to the top left corner and click on Customer Center.


2. Search for and then double-click the customer in the list.


3. From the Customer Entry screen, click Activities and then click Merge Customer/Location.


  • The top-two fields contain the Customer and Location being Merged/Transferred
  • The bottom-two fields contain the Customer and Location destination


4. Review the information and when you are satisfied, press OK.

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