Plotting Pending Dispatches outside of ESC


Before we begin
  • Visualize your outsanding work orders
  • See the location of all Dispatches on one screen
  • Then use ESC on the other to schedule and route the work orders appropriately
See it done


1. Create a Custom Disaptch List with only the following columns.

  • Dispatch, Location Name, Zone, Status, Address 1, Address 2, City, State, Zip.

2. Add whatever Filters you want to this view to limit it to the work orders you want to route.

  • Our example is a Custom Dispatch List using the above Fields and a Filter of Status: Pending.

3. Export the list from ESC and note where it has been saved.

4. Open the attached PlotWorkOrdersESC.xlsm file, in Microsoft Excel.

  • To download PlotWorkOrdersESC.xlsm, scroll down on this page, the file is after the last step.
  • In Microsft Excel, if you are prompted at the top of the screen, choose to Enable Content.

5. Open the exported list in Microsoft Excel

  • You will now have two separate Microsoft Excel windows, one with the exported ESC data, and another for the PlotWorkOrdersESC.xlsm file.

6. On your keyboard press CTRL+SHIFT+P and click OK

7. Go to this web page - .

8. On that web page, click the Bulk Entry button in the top right-hand corner.

9. Right click in the resulting box and select Paste.

10. Click Add Locations and all your Pending work orders will be mapped.

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