How To - Connect to an ESC database using Crystal Reports



This article explains how to establish the connection to the ESC database in Crytsal Reports. It does not explain how reports are built in Crystal Reports, but it will help you set the connection to the database.


In Crystal Reports, choose the Blank Report option, then select the More Data Sources options. Choose the OLE DB source, and then select the Make a New Connection option. Choose the Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server selection.

Next, enter the Server Name, and choose to login using the Specific User Name and Password option. In the User Name field, type sa, and enter the password of !dESCO?2010. (Note: if you are using a full version of SQL, your sa password may be different. Check with your network admin to determine what the sa password is.) In the Select Database on Server field, choose the name of the ESC database (Service, for example) and click Test Connection. This should let you know that the connection was successful. If it does not, try the "sa" login without a password, and verify that the other data is correct. If it still fails, check with your network admin to see if there is a different password on the sa account. Click OK after the message appears that you have successfully connected, and OK to move on.

Finally, select the database tables you wish to use in Crystal, and begin building your reports.

Additional Information:

If you are using a SQL 2005 database instead, you are most likely using Windows Authentication. Please select that instead of entering a user name and password.

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