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Our award-winning training team is here to provide scenario-based training on topics relevant to your company to help you accomplish tasks faster. We know that your business is unique, and therefore the opportunities you face on a daily basis are different than your competition. FieldEdge offers a number of training solutions to help you get the absolute most out of the software you use every day.

Customer Testimonials

  • "I highly enjoyed the seminar and would probably go again.. the presenter was extremely knowledgeable." - A.C.E. Heat and Air
  • "Learned a lot and can not wait to get everyone in the office trained so we can start working smarter." - Chrisie W, LBA
  • "I thought everything was great. The group discussion we had was very valuable to me, hearing what other companies were doing with ESC." - Dane B, Prestige Appliance 


Regional Training Seminars

These two-day seminars are designed to help new and experienced users take their companies to the next level. Based on real-world scenarios, the training will help you accomplish tasks faster. From simple best practices, all the way to more complex scenarios, dESCO Regional Trainings will show you how ESC can grow your business.

Pricing and Locations

  • Two-Day Seminar: $949.00 for the first attendee.
  • Bring a Peer: Additional attendees are $849.00 each.
  • Purchase Early: Reserve your spot 30 days or more before the class and take an additional $100.00 off per person.

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Onsite Training

In this two-day training, one of our trainers will visit your facility to train on all aspects of ESC. This experience allows us to utilize your computers while in your environment, making it ideal to better understand your general day-to-day. We will observe your workflows and your procedures and make in-the-moment suggestions to help marry your workflows with ESC in the most efficient way possible. Onsite training is versatile, we can work with a group of individuals, a department, or a one-on-one with key players of your organization.

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In-House Training

You and up to five attendees will join us in our Fort Myers location to drill into the depth of ESC that matter most to you. This training will help reveal the most practical and efficient solutions to scenarios you face on a daily basis. Training runs from 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM and breakfast and lunch will be provided.

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